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State-of-the-art, full body skin cancer diagnostics with bodystudio ATBM
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FotoFinder bodystudio.

State-of-the-art technology for Total Body Mapping and dermoscopy

Simple, delegable, profitable – comprehensive skin cancer screening with FotoFinder!


Many melanomas develop on healthy skin and not from a pre-existing nevus. For this reason, full body skin cancer screening with FotoFinder bodystudio not only examines the individual nevi, but the entire surface of the skin. In combination with digital dermoscopy and total body photography, you can offer a screening package reaching far beyond video documentation and make not only high-risk patients but all patients loyal to your practice!

In addition to the components for epiluminescence microscopy, all bodystudio systems also include a high-resolution digital camera system for brilliant full body photos. With the new turn-key automatic ATBM® procedure, documenting the entire surface of the skin takes just a minimum of time! The software shows step by step how the patient is photographed from head to toe and visualizes changes at a glance.


The FotoFinder bodystudio offers you all of the following:

  • standardized systematic full body documentation, manually or with the ATBM® procedure
  • Fully integrated dermoscopy for epiluminescent documentation of nevi
  • Bodyscan helps to identify new and changed moles
  • Moleanalyzer with malignancy score developed by the University of Tübingen Department of Dermatology
  • The procedure for comprehensive skin cancer screening which has been tested in practice: simple, delegable, profitable

Benefit from FotoFinder's added value:

Customer opinion

I think that the FotoFinder bodystudio ATBM has the potential to change the way we are doing digital monitoring. Usually we select lesions by hand-held dermatoscopy, and then we take pictures and follow them up. The potential I see with this machine is that I stop taking care of the single mole, but just do total body, and then I do the side-by-side comparison because I do not need to get too much into the morphology of the single globule. I need to know if a lesion is changing symmetrically or asymmetrically and that is what I can get from polarized total body photography.

Prof. Giuseppe Argenziano, Naples, Italy

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