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FotoFinder PASIvision®

Psoriasis documentation and PASI assessment

World innovation: Consistent patient monitoring and treatment efficacy measurement 


The management of Psoriasis patients is a challenge even for experienced dermatologists. FotoFinder PASIvision® is the new method for accurate Psoriasis patient monitoring and objective treatment efficacy measurement. A world first, FotoFinder PASIvision® allows objective, computer-assisted PASI assessment through a combination of standardized total body photography and ground-breaking skin analysis. All photos and important parameters can be managed and visualized on the unique PASIboard®


The system uses the proven ATBM® technology for Automated Total Body Mapping which allows standardized documentation of the entire skin surface in just a few minutes. The PASIscan® expert tool then automatically analyzes the total body images and determines a PASI pre-score for the affected Body Surface Area (head, upper extremities, trunk and lower extremities) in percent, the Erythema (redness), Thickness and Scaling. The pre-score can be adjusted and confirmed by the clinician. An adjustment could be necessary, e.g. in case of plaques under the hair that cannot be detected by the software. Baseline and follow-up images can be compared automatically. The PASIscan® measures the score changes for all the four PASI parameters.


Benefits at a glance:

  • Fast documentation of the complete skin surface
  • Polarized photos for perfect visualization of Psoriasis
  • Tower with fully automated camera movement
  • Laser positioning system for consistent patient poses
  • PASIscan® for objective assessment of PASI parameters
  • Detailed reports and SmartZoom comparison
  • Fully automated imaging process that can be delegated
  • Future-proof FotoFinder technology


Benefit from FotoFinder's added value:



Customer opinion

I am very happy that we are able ot work with FotoFinder in our clinic! The ATBM is an excellent system, which makes PASI assessment and the documentation of Psoriasis treatments more objective and easier to calculate!

Dr. B. S. Chandrashekar, chief dermatologist at Cutis Academy of Cutaneous Sciences (CACS) Bangalore, India (left)

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