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With the FotoFinder Online Academy, we want to bring a unique series of advanced training courses with top speakers from all over the world into your living room or practice. The aim is to bring together our worldwide community despite physical distance and social distancing and to impart knowledge with practical value in an "edutainment" way, combining education and fun. Whether Total Body Dermoscopy, AI, Trichoscopy or Aesthetics, join the "FotoFinder & Friends” live events and meet top speakers virtually, comfortably from your sofa, no matter which corner of the world you are in. 

The participation is free of charge.

FotoFinder Online Academy

Online events at a glance

Venerdì, 22 gennaio 2021
03:00 - 04:30 PM CET
FotoFinder & Friends Online Academy
con Prof. Dr. Stolz & Prof. Dr. Hofmann-Wellenhof
"Update on skin cancer diagnostics: News on dermoscopy and total body mapping with practical cases"
Lingua: Inglese

Venerdì, 19 febbraio 2021
03:00 - 04:30 PM CET
FotoFinder & Friends Online Academy
con Univ.-Prof. Dr. Harald Kittler & Prof. Aimilios Lallas
"The Philosophy of Dermatoscopy"
Lingua: Inglese

Passato FotoFinder Live Online Academys

"FotoFinder Online Academy Christmas Edition"
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Harald Kittler, Prof. Dr. Aimilios Lallas & Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Argenziano
11 dicembre 2020
Lengua: Inglese

"Integration & Management of digital follow up in modern dermatology clinics"
Dr. Josep Malvehy & Dra. Susana Puig
23 ottobre 2020
  Lengua: Inglese

"FotoFinder & Friends – Live Online-Academy in Turkish"
Prof. Dr. Tülin Güleç, Prof. Dr. Bengü Nisa Akay & Prof. Aimilios Lallas
06 novembre 2020
Lengua: Turco & inglese

"Update Hautkrebsdiagnostik: Aktuelles zu Dermatoskopie und Ganzkörperkartografie mit Fällen aus der Praxis"
Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Stolz & Prof. Dr. Rainer Hofmann-Wellenhof
11 novembre 2020
Lengua: Tedesco

"Comprehensive Atlas of Dermoscopy cases Episode I"
Prof. Dr. Horacio Cabo & Dr. Ahmed Sadek
20 novembre 2020
Lengua: Inglese

“Dermoscopy of facial and mucosal lesions“
Prof. Dr. Andreas Blum
04 settembre 2020
Lengua: Inglese

"Dermoscopy of HairTrichoscopic pearls useful in clinical practice"
Antonella Tosti, MD & Sergio Vañó Galván, MD
11 settembre 2020
Lengua: Inglese

"Diseño de una unidad de seguimiento digital y diagnóstico avanzado de cáncer cutáneo"
Dr. Josep Malvehy & Dra. Susana Puig
25 settembre 2020
Lengua: Spagnolo

"Aesthetic Treatments and the Role of Dermoscopy in diagnosis & follow-up"
Dr. Domenico Piccolo & Dr. Pablo Naranjo García
02 ottobre 2020
Lengua: Inglese

"FotoFinder & друзья встречаются в России с Раймонд Карлс, Иреной Шливко и Оксаной Гараниной"
Dr. Raimonds Karls, Dr. Irena Shlivko & Dr. Oksana Garanina
25 giugno 2020
Lengua: Russo

"State of the Art der Hautkrebsfrüherkennung
– Aktuelles aus Forschung und Praxis"

Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Stolz & Prof. Dr. Holger Hänßle
15 luglio 2020
Lengua: Tedesco

"AI in early Skin Cancer Detection The Future is NOW!"
Prof. Dr. Holger Hänßle
17 luglio 2020
Lengua: Inglese

"Dermoscopy, COVID-19, Chaos and Clues"
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Harald Kittler & Dr. Josep Malvehy
31 luglio 2020
Lengua: Inglese

"Hautkrebsfrüherkennung in Corona-Zeiten"
Ibi Waked & Jürgen Jonas
Special Guest: Dr. med. Philipp Buck
Aprile 2020
Lengua: Tedesco

"Dermoscopy, Total Body Mapping & Total Body Dermoscopy
– Origins and Philosophy"

Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Argenziano & Dr. Gabriel Salerni
30 aprile 2020
Lengua: Inglese

"Digital follow-up –
Workflows & Case Studies"

Prof. Dr. Aimilios Lallas & Dr. Raimonds Karls
08 maggio 2020
Lengua: Inglese

"El rol de la dermatoscopía digital en la práctica &  Dermatoscopía y COVID-19"
Dr. Josep Malvehy & Dr. Gabriel Salerni
19 giugno 2020
Lengua: Spagnolo

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