Work & Flow Online Demo / FotoFinder studio

Dermoscopy and trichoscopy in laser treatments

 Recently, the introduction of the new multi-talent FotoFinder studio has caused a lot of excitement among practitioners around the world. Not a surprise, as the long-awaited all-in-one imaging system for skin, hair and aesthetics allows to be tailored to individual needs and helps to achieve optimum results. In particular, laser treatments require a maximum level of precision for which FotoFinder studio now provides the fundament with its consistent facial and scalp photography. Being aware of these challenges, we therefore invite you to be part in this online demo. In an interesting program,  we will focus on how to make use of the system's opportunities to do brilliant dermoscopy and trichoscopy to facilitate your daily work with laser treatments.

Agenda overview

Our program for you

Approx. duration Point of program
15 min Hardware and specifications
15 min Workflow dermoscopy
15 min Workflow trichoscopy
15 min Q&A: Questions and answers

CEST in Berlin, EST in Mexico City, GST in Dubai, HKT in Hong Kong, AEST in Sydney

Time: 60 - 70 min
Language: English